The Secrets To Affiliate Email Marketing

So, you've joined the ultimate affiliate program that's going to show you how to make a bunch of money online. But, it is rare that affiliate programs actually show you how to grow a huge email list via affiliate email marketing that you can profit from over and over again.

So, in this article, I am going to tell you how you can harness affiliate email marketing to boost your profits and make way more profits than the typical "internet marketer" that will never make enough money to pay for their phone bill.

1. Choose the perfect affiliate program to promote via affiliate email marketing. This may sound obvious, but a good affiliate programs, with banners, sample emails, and high converting sales letters indicate that they have a decent affiliate program you can promote via affiliate email marketing. The best ones actually train you how to promote their products, but these programs are one in a million.

2. Create an opt in page to collect names and email addresses for affiliate email marketing- In order to really practice affiliate email marketing, you have to collect customer's email addresses. This is commonly done by creating an opt in page that consists of an enticing headline, a couple "teaser bullets" that get their curiosity up and encourages them to enter their info. You also need a "call to action" which, in this case, is a simple name and email you can use to market to the prospect with affiliate email marketing. All of this info needs to go into an autoresponder service as Aweber or GetResponse that'll automate the affiliate email marketing process.

3. Write emails that promote your affiliate product. You'll then want to write a series of 7 autoresponder emails that promotes your affiliate product via affiliate email marketing. You can do this two ways: by writing a long email that promotes your product with a direct link to the affiliate page, or writing a short email that links to a blog post that promotes the product. The latter will allow you to evade spam filters that can scuttle your affiliate email marketing efforts and leave you with an empty bank account.

4. A special note on email frequency: we recommend sending out an email every 2-3 days during your affiliate email marketing campaign. Emailing your opt-in list may elicit spam complaints by prospects that aren't used to getting frequent emails. Emailing less often might allow the prospect to forget about you. An email every 2-3 days will give you a good baseline to start with you affiliate email marketing campaign---until you can test and track to see what frequency garners the highest response.

It is a common saying that "the money is in the list." This is especially the case for affiliate email marketing as it is if you were marketing your own product. So follow these general guidelines to get the highest response from your most valuable possession in internet marketing: your affiliate email marketing list.

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