Is Email Marketing Dead?

Probably one of the mainstays on the Internet has always been email marketing. Is email marketing dead though? I guess a lot of that depends on who you ask. Many marketers are reporting that email marketing is dead. Now I don't know about that, but one thing for sure it sure has changed over the last few years. With spam on the rise email marketing has taken a real hit on that end of it. Spam is a problem that has hurt email marketing more than anything else. one of the reasons spam has hurt it so bad is that the spam filters that many of these email clients use actually block mail that isn't spam and many will block html emails also. This my no stretch means that email marketing is dead. It definitely has slowed down as far as getting a very good response.

Can you do anything about it? Of course you always have different options to make your email to get through and get read.

Now their our some companies out their that you can join where they will make sure it gets through for a certain amount of money per month. That is one option that you have to get the message through. The other is set up a whitelist which is mail that you want to get through. By putting email addresses on the whitelist the mail has a real good chance of getting through.

Their are email marketing tricks that you can also use to get the email opened instead of toss in the trash. One of the first thing is the email subject line. Making promises that are impossible is something that just won't get it open.

People have seen so many different subject lines that they can basically tell the lies from the truths. If you want to get your emails open the best rule is be honest and have short subject lines. Email marketing has changed through the years in the body of the emails to. People are getting time of long emails with winded sales letters. People get sales letters all the time and if you start your email out like that look for it to get deleted real quickly. Starting your emails out in a friendly manner just like you would if your talking to a friend and than work towards helping that person in the email. This is the proper way to market things. Many people have lost this conception thus they will tell you email marketing is dead when in reality it's not.

People will also tell you that email marketing response is very low. Now really this is a myth. I know marketers who market solely by emails. How is this possible with such small open rates according to the various marketing guru's. It's real simple when you provide a quality product people will open your emails. Email marketing is built on trust and once you lose that trust you are in trouble. People don't realize that trust is big when your talking about email marketing. Building trust and a relationship with people will get emails open at a much greater rate. As people realize that this is the key to email marketing than we can get read of the misconception that email marketing is dead. People actually don't mind reading emails as long as they have value if they don't they won't those are really just simple facts. As far as the future of email marketing it will go through changes over the years just like it has before, but if done right it's still a viable option to get your message to the masses.